On this page you will find information on weddings, services of baptism and thanksgiving and funerals at St Peter’s Church. We hope you find the information useful however, if you would like to talk to a minister or someone connected with the church in person, please drop in to see us on a Sunday morning, call the Church Office on 0113 2503231 or use the Life Events Enquiry Form by clicking on the appropriate photo above. Once submitted someone from the Church will get back to you.  

St Peter’s Church is an ideal location for your wedding, not only is a beautiful setting but you will make your promises to each other in front of your family and friends but also with God involved right at the start of your married life together. You will need to have a connection to the parish but if you don’t you can still marry at St Peter’s if you are able to attend morning service at least once a month for 6 months.

A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. The ceremony includes God and looks to him for help and guidance. God’s blessing is the main attraction for many couples, whatever their beliefs. For more information on Church weddings and help planning your wedding see

To make an initial enquiry please contact the church office (0113 2503231) or better still, come along to a Sunday Service where you can meet a member of the Ministry team and the organist. They will be more than happy to provide you with the latest information about a booking. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry about having Banns read or booking a full wedding by clicking on the wedding photo at the top of the page. 

Baptisms and Service of Thanksgiving

These services all take place in our morning  Service usually the third Sunday of the month.

What is the difference between a Baptism and a Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing

The service of Baptism includes a commitment and promises by the Parents and Godparents, to bring up the child in the Christian Faith. This means teaching them the faith, praying for and with them, and bringing them to church and  Sunday School.  By dipping or sprinkling a child with water we make them a member of the church, and you declare publicly  your desire to raise them as a church member and disciple of Christ.

Many Parents do believe in God or are agnostic and unsure , but  don’t feel ready to commit themselves to the Christian way  Or they may feel they cannot make the  promises and commitments in the Baptism service with integrity.     At the same time they are thankful for their child and want to ask for the Church’s Prayers and God’s Blessing on them    The service of Thanksgiving and Blessing has been designed to meet the needs of such families.  No promises or commitments are made by parents or Godparents – but we give thanks for and ask God’s Blessing on your child and your family.


What is expected of Parents 

In today’s world a responsible parent wants to check out and understand what they commit their child to be involved in. We take care over choosing a school, or which clubs and organisations our children go to. If you haven’t been to church recently start by checking us out.    Come and join us for a morning service.  Listen to what we teach. See what’s involved in being a member of today’s church. Then you’l be ready to make the right decision fro you child.    If you like what you see  then ask to speak to the Vicar or our lay reader Carol Deardon – and we’ll help you take the next step.

We won’t force or demand you come to church – but if you are serious about the Baptism you’l want to do that for a little while before the date of the Baptism.  


What if I'm a bit rusty about my Faith or haven't been to Church for a long time

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are lots of parents who are in the  same boat.  Maybe you you learnt a little bit about God and the Bible when you were young from Sunday School, parents, or others  . But it was a child’s faith.  And though it might have helped you when you were young it isn’t really up to matching the demands of adult life, or even the questions today’s  children might ask you.  

Arranging a funeral for someone you love is never easy, you are often experiencing feelings of grief, confusion and hurt and it can be difficult to think clearly.

At this time we offer ourselves to help you through this occasion, and The Church of England funeral service, whether in church or at a crematorium, can be tailored to suit your particular wishes. It can be a short and reflective family occasion, it could be occasion of great solemnity with music, hymns and a packed church, or it could be an opportunity to praise God and celebrate a life well lived.

Whatever the pattern of service, the words and actions all speak of a God who loves and cares for us and the preciousness to God of every human being.

If you need either pastoral support or would like to make an enquiry about a funeral, please call the Church Office on 0113 2503231, alternatively use the enquiry form by clicking on the funeral picture at the top of the page.