To Mark the season of remembrance in 2018 we will have a poppy cascade from the Church Tower.    Later this page will have details of how and when you can see the cascade will be erected . 

IN the meantime we need as many people as possible to make poppies 

 Here you will  find some patterns to knit and crochet  poppies for our poppy cascade .

There are more patterns available in our downloads section for you to download and print off here

If you would prefer to make tissue paper poppies you can get instructions for making some beautiful poppies from WickiHow and print them off.


Field Poppy

Petals (make 4) 
Using A, cast on 7 sts. 
1st row (RS) K. 
2nd row Kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. 9 sts. 
3rd row As 2nd row. 11 sts. 
4th row As 2nd row. 13 sts. 
5th–8th rows K. 
9th row Ssk twice, k to last 4 sts, k2tog twice. 9 sts. 
10th–12th rows K. 
13th row As 9th row. 5 sts. 
14th–16th rows K. 
17th row K1, sk2po, k1. 3 sts. 
18th row K. Bind off. 
Using B, cast on 16 sts. Bind off. 
Sew petals together in pairs, then position one pair over the other in a cross formation and secure. Coil center into a tight spiral and sew base to the center. Using C, work a ring of straight stitches radiating from the flower center, then work French knots around the outer edge of the stitched ring. Maintain the petals in a cup shape with a small stitch behind pairs of petals. 

Stitch Explanation: Sk2po - Slip 2 stitches as if to knit together, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over 

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