for Children and Adults 

Baptism is the way we welcome new members into God's family of the Church.   

Baptisms at St Peters

We are delighted to welcome children for  "Baptism" or services for "Thanksgiving and Blessing"    ( aka Christenings)

When do they happen ?

These services all take place in our morning  Service usually one month.

On rare occasions where there is a special need (a eg child is sick,  or a parent parent or Godparent is sick and  has special access needs  or there is an another pressing reason)  we can arrange to have a service  at another time  - usually where this happens the family will bring the child into church to complete the Baptism service with the welcome and reception into the church on the next manageable Sunday. 

What is the difference between a Baptism and a Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing  

The service of Baptism includes a commitment and promises by the Parents and Godparents, to bring up the child in the Christian Faith. This means teaching them the faith, praying for and with them, and bringing them to church and  Sunday School.  By dipping or sprinkling a child with water we make them a member of the church, and you declare publicly  your desire to raise them as a church member and disciple of Christ.

Many Parents do believe in God or are agnostic and unsure , but  don't feel ready to commit themselves to the Christian way  Or they may feel they cannot make the  promises and commitments in the Baptism service with integrity.     At the same time they are thankful for their child and want to ask for the Church's Prayers and God's Blessing on them    The service of Thanksgiving and Blessing has been designed to meet the needs of such families.  No promises or commitments are made by parents or Godparents - but we give thanks for and ask God's Blessing on your child and your family.

What is expected of Parents 

In today's world a responsible parent wants to check out and understand what they commit their child to be involved in. We take care over choosing a school, or which clubs and organisations our children go to. If you haven't been to church recently start by checking us out.    Come and join us for a morning service.  Listen to what we teach. See what's involved in being a member of today's church. Then you'l be ready to make the right decision fro you child.    If you like what you see  then ask to speak to the Vicar or our lay reader Carol Deardon - and we'll help you take the next step.

We won't force or demand you come to church - but if you are serious about the Baptism you'l want to do that for a little while before the date of the Baptism.  

What if I'm a bit rusty about my Faith or haven't been to Church for a long time 

Don't worry, you are not alone. There are lots of parents who are in the  same boat.  Maybe you you learnt a little bit about God and the Bible when you were young from Sunday School, parents, or others  . But it was a child's faith.  And though it might have helped you when you were young it isn't really up to matching the demands of adult life, or even the questions today's  children might ask you.  If so maybe it is time to take a refresher course in the basics of the Faith for adults .   You might be surpised how much more relevant and real it can become. 

We run such short courses from time to time have a chat with the vicar or keep you eye on our website for more details of the next one .

Who can I have as Godparents 

Normally you should have at least  Godparents of the same sex as your child and one of the other sex. The should be Baptised and Confirmed members of the Church of England or full members another Church who believe in God, as Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Al Godparents should be Baptised themselves. If Godparents are not confirmed have a word with the vicar as this is still possible  but try to have at least one Godparent who is a confirmed or a practicing Christian and member of a church somewhere.  



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